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VFD Upgrades

The GL&V Variable Frequency Drive Package for your Beloit DD® Refiner includes an Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive (VFD) with an inverter duty gear motor designed to replace the traditional two speed plate adjustment gear motor. The variable speed drive allows for improved plate adjustment during refiner operation, which improves the refiner’s responsiveness to process variations (e.g. flow, consistency) and hence minimizes fiber quality variation.

  • Allen Bradley Variable Frequency Drive
  • Inverter Duty Gearmotor
  • 93% increase in refiner responsiveness, which leads to less fiber quality variation
  • Load & Unload 25% quicker than traditional two speed gearmotor
  • More gentle on adjusting mechanism gearing with programmed acceleration/deceleration times during plate adjustment
  • Available for Beloit Double Disk Refiners

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