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Fabricated Refiner Fillings

Fabricated refiner plate design is tailor made for each application to meet customer’s needs for improved fiber development, longer plate life or energy savings. There are unlimited bar codes available for plate optimization. With a square bar and groove, the fabricated fillings have improved hydraulics by maximizing the groove volume.

  • 301 stainless steel
  • Ultra Low Intensity Applications – Bar width of 1.0 mm / 0.039” available for extremely low intensity furnish requirements like eucalyptus and recycled fibers
  • Low Flow Scenarios – Reduced periphery disk fillings to satisfy the refiner hydraulically and reduce energy costs
  • Longer Plate Life – Taller bars (up to 14 mm / 0.55”) to provide longer plate life. The bars are welded from the backside to a grid providing a tall sturdy bar that does not require dams for added strength.

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